Universities & students

Scott Farnsworth has advised and worked with several universities, research institutions and university spin-outs, to achieve successful knowledge transfer and research impact, through a series of transactions and policy matters, with each transaction or policy having, at its centre, intellectual property generated within a university, other institutional environment or context.  Scott’s work with universities and research institutions has been with an emphasis upon private sector participation, investment or sponsorship, or toward an overall framework that is responsible for the internal and external management of university generated intellectual property.

Scott’s advice and written materials include university-wide policies for the management of intellectual property, internal policies for the recording of patentable material and publications, copyright policies for staff and students, frameworks for internal revenue sharing between staff and students, sponsored research, commissioned work, academic consultancies, private and academic collaborative ventures, student affected work, licensing, including FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms, deal structures and financial models, and spin-outs.  Scott also advises upon matters concerning academic irregularity, including plagiarism, and complaints to the OIA.