Intellectual property

Scott Farnsworth has specialised in intellectual property law and practise since 1994.  Scott has developed his practice to focus upon non-contentious ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ intellectual property, covering all aspects relating to patents, trade marks and passing off, registered and unregistered designs, copyright and related rights, confidentiality, know-how, and trade secrets.  Scott’s advice often combines intellectual property law with associated aspects of competition law and other commercial law elements, as well as extending beyond pure intellectual property law and includes related matters, such as fiduciary duty, restrictive covenants, and economic torts.

An intangible asset, intellectual property is often business critical and clients must be confident they are supported by genuine expertise with clear and solid commercial advice.  With over 27 years’ experience of intellectual property law matters, Scott has concentrated his practice upon 4 main subject areas: trade marks & branding, design rights & engineering, patents & life sciences, and universities & students, including all associated aspects of due diligence within his subject areas.  Scott’s work to capture, exploit, and enforce his clients’ intellectual property is underpinned by his extensive sector experience, knowledge, and technical expertise.