Created and developed by Scott Farnsworth in 2015, IPdoxx is an easy to use, fully flexible, and reliable online document service that allows users to create personalised legal documents, tailored to manage their intellectual property needs.  IPdoxx offers significant cost savings compared with traditional law firms and other online document providers.  With over 90 pre-prepared template documents available to download, IPdoxx provides user-friendly Microsoft word formatted documents, with industry standard texts and guidance upon the completion of each document.  A summary of each document, together with its price, is set out within the IPdoxx Price List, which is available to download here.

Each document within the IPdoxx series is for sale at a fixed price, payable in advance (membership and subscription pricing models are available upon request), and listed into one or more 10 easily identifiable categories of document, each category regarding a typical intellectual property scenario.  For an additional fixed fee, agreed and payable in advance, advice upon completing any document purchased using IPdoxx can be requested from Scott.  A separate service to that of Scott’s practice as a barrister, IPdoxx is not regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  All documents are purchased subject to the IPdoxx Terms of Use, which are available to download here.