Patents & life sciences

With more than 23 years’ experience of legal practices within the life sciences sector, Scott Farnsworth is recognised as a leading practitioner, highly regarded for his understanding of scientific and technical subject matter, together with his structuring of transactions and financial models.  Having worked as external counsel to large pharma for over 7 years, Scott’s practice within the sector is extensive, attracting instructions from across the United Kingdom and parts of Europe and has grown entirely through recommendations and referrals.  Scott’s clients include spin-outs from universities and start ups across different scientific fields, charities, pre-clinical and clinical CROs, and SMEs specialising in biotechnology, drug discovery, therapeutics and delivery, medical devices, and the conduct and management of clinical trials.

Scott’s most recent instructions include advice and written work for pre-clinical and clinical R&D, collaborative DMPK/PBPK modelling programmes in Europe and the United States, early stage drug development with analyses for clinical candidates and hit to lead compounds, integrated drug discovery programmes, MSAs, MTAs, and compound evaluations, an SPC challenge under European regulations, patent and know-how licensing for haemostats in Europe, the United States, and ‘Greater China’ markets, LX-2 cell line transfers with cross-licensing, pre-clinical transfer of compounds know-how with revenue sharing, study start-ups for clinical trials, clinical trials for phases I and II IND for HER-2 negative breast cancer across Europe (mCTA) and the United States, equipment transfer and handling for +ve COVID-19 testing, and principles and standards for GLP, GCP and GVP.